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At Flexi Partners, we specialise in offering business and finance analyst services tailored to the unique needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia. Our flexible solutions ensure that even without the resources for a full-time analyst, you have access to expertise when you need it. From detailed data analysis and interpretation to financial modeling, market research, and strategic planning support, our team is here to help you make informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency. Explore our range of services to find out how we can assist in transforming your business challenges into opportunities.

Please note that skills can differ between analysts, so reach out to us to discuss your needs. All our analysts have access to central Flexi Partners support where required and primarily use the Microsoft Office suite to fulfil their analyst services.

Core Services

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Conduct data analysis and interpretation to convert complex datasets into understandable and actionable insights, supporting evidence-based decision-making and operational improvement

Market Research

Conduct market research to gain insights into industry trends, competitor activity and customer behaviour, informing strategic direction and helping you discover opportunities for growth in new markets and products / services

Cost & Margin Analysis

Conduct detailed analysis of profitability to identify high and low performing products or services, inform cost management strategies, suggest pricing improvements and focus marketing efforts

Develop Business Cases

Develop robust business cases to clearly define the benefits and downsides of initiatives, facilitating informed investment decisions

Financial Reporting & Forecasting

Enhance decision-making with comprehensive financial performance reports and assist with detailed budgeting including forecasting sales volume, revenue and profit

Project Management

Assist with project management of business-related projects, from early-stage planning through to execution, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and delivery on time and within budget

Strategic Planning Support

Provide strategic planning support in the form of data-backed analysis and insights, and financial scenario modelling

And more ... please reach out to discuss your needs!

Case Studies

A food brand known for its range of organic snacks faced challenges with inconsistent profitability across its products. Flexi Partners' analysis of margins and production costs revealed that some items were unprofitable due to high sourcing costs, while others were underpriced. The brand decided to discontinue its least profitable snack, increase the price of a popular but underpriced item, and switch to a more affordable supplier for several ingredients.

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