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Helping small and medium businesses improve profit and reduce workload

Flexi Partners can join your team on a flexible, no-commitment basis

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What is Flexi Partners?

Flexi Partners brings the professional skills and rigour of big business to small and medium enterprises across Australia.

Our team combines skills honed through years of finance, strategy and other experience at larger corporates, with a toolkit designed specially to target the opportunities and pain points faced by small and medium businesses.

Our Business Partners can join your team on a fractional basis, channeling their specialised knowledge to grow your business and reduce your workload - all without the hassle and commitment of hiring someone full-time.

Our Services

Our talented Business Partners can help propel your business forward with our specialised toolkit, or assist with ad hoc project management and financial / strategy analysis.

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If you want to take your business to the next level but are not sure where to begin, our Strategy Support program may be right for you.


We’ll work with you to tease out your business goals, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and put together a clear, concise and actionable strategy. Our recommendations focus on helping you to improve profit, reduce workload and achieve your business goals, and an accompanying financial deep-dive ensures your goals are well thought-through and achieveable.

But we're not like regular consultants and our work doesn't stop there. After Strategy Support, one of our Business Partners can actually join your team on a fractional basis and help you implement your action plan.

Note: Strategy Support is a stand-alone program separate to our Ongoing Business Partner offerings

Access Talented Professionals

Access talented professionals usually only available to bigger companies. Our team members are highly qualified and carefully vetted for skills and experience.

Gain Fresh Perspectives

Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge from working across various industries and projects. This experience can provide new insights and innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Up-front, Transparent Pricing

Experience clarity with our transparent pricing structure, allowing you to budget effectively with fixed rates for our services—no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

No Hiring or Payroll Worries

Eliminate the complexities of hiring and payroll management. Our team integrates seamlessly into your operations, providing expert services without the HR hassle.

Scale Up or Down

Our fractional services allow you to choose how many hours you'd like to engage Flexi Partner services for each month and adjust your plan at any time. Unused hours are credited to future months.

Cancel Anytime

We recognise flexibility is key and circumstances can change. With just one month's notice, you can cancel your service or change your plan.

About Us

Flexi Partners was started in 2024 with the goal of bringing big business expertise to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive. Recognising the gap in specialised support available to these businesses, we set out to democratise access to important skills relating to strategic insights and financial acumen. Our services, refined through extensive consultation and anchored in proven methodologies like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), are designed to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our small and medium business clients.​​​​

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Lachlan Kirwan


Lachlan has almost ten years' experience in various finance and strategy roles across both large local and multinational corporates. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and later a Master's degree from the London School of Economics. Lachlan enjoys seeing the tangible benefits Flexi Partners brings to its clients.

The education & experience of our Business Partners includes

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