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Fractional Business Analysts at your service

We help small and medium enterprises achieve their business goals with our flexible analyst services

Group of business analysts

About Us

We are a team of fractional business analysts who specialise in helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia to grow and thrive. Our clients can choose to work with a Business Analyst or Senior Business Analyst, for a set amount of time each month, only paying for what they need. 

Our analysts can typically assist with such tasks as: 

  • Data Analysis & Interpretation

  • Market Research

  • Cost & Margin Analysis

  • Developing Business Cases

  • Financial Reporting & Forecasting

  • Project management

  • Strategic planning support

  • And more!

What is a fractional Business Analyst?

A fractional business analyst is a professional who offers their expertise and services to businesses on a part-time, flexible basis. This model allows companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to access high-quality analytical skills and insights without the commitment or expense of a full-time employee. Business analysts have skills that, more often than not, were honed at larger organisations, where they are likely to have worked on a variety of business problems and conducted deep analysis and research to support decision-making. As a fractional analyst, they are able to bring these skills to small and medium businesses by providing services such as data analysis, market research, financial modeling, and strategic planning support. This fractional arrangement is particularly beneficial for organisations that have variable demands or limited resources.

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Access Talented Analysts

Access talented analysts usually only available to bigger companies - without the full-time commitment. Our analysts are highly qualified and carefully vetted for skills and experience.

Gain Fresh Perspectives

Fractional analysts often bring a wealth of knowledge from working across various industries and projects. This experience can provide new insights and innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Up-front, Transparent Pricing

Experience clarity with our transparent pricing structure, allowing you to budget effectively with fixed rates for our analyst services—no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

No Hiring or Payroll Worries

Eliminate the complexities of hiring and payroll management. Our analysts integrate seamlessly into your operations, providing expert services without the HR hassle.

Scale Up or Down

Choose how many hours you'd like our analyst services for each month and adjust your plan at any time. Unused hours are credited to future months.

Cancel Anytime

We recognise flexibility is key and circumstances can change. With just one month's notice, you can cancel your service or change your plan.

Let's Talk About Your Business

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