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The Process


You let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we can discuss the most suitable plan for you


We'll check in with you before commencing work to align on  deliverables and any data requirements, so that your analyst is ready to hit the ground running 


We send you the CV of an analyst who is able to assist, after which you may organise  a no-cost 30 minute call with them to meet and discuss requirements


Your analyst helps you with all the jobs you've been wanting to get done, and maybe a few extra you might not have thought of!


If you'd like to proceed, we set you up to begin work with the analyst, agreeing on regular  working hours and a start date.


You can cancel with immediate effect at any time during the first month. Beyond that, we ask for one month of cancellation notice.


We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions, or to onboard an Analyst.

If you are looking to onboard an Analyst, kindly share with us the following details:

  • Any specific tasks you need performed (we can always help with suggestions)

  • Whether the analyst can work virtually

  • Whether the analyst can work after hours and on weekends (this may allow access to a bigger pool of analysts)

  • What plan you think will suit you best

Contact Us


Melbourne, VIC 3000

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